Emergency Services

The Emergency Case Team should be over seen by a Director of Emergency Services. He/she is responsible for all activities conducted in Emergency Services including:

• Patient triage,

• Case management, and

• Laboratory, pharmacy and diagnostic services.

The Director of Emergency Services is responsible for managing all department staff and should ensure that equipment and supplies are available for the patient load. The Emergency Department or Unit shall serve as the definitive specialized care area/facility, equipped and staffed to provide rapid and varied emergency care to all people with life-threatening conditions. The Emergency Department or Unit shall provide initial appropriate care and arrange subsequent disposition as per domain of care. (See figure below)

  • The hospitals should have adequately designated space for emergency unit and emergency services should have the following facilities in required standards:

    A) Ambulance parking space and entrance

    B) Patient assistant area at Emergency gate

    C) Triage area

    D) Decontamination Room

    E) Medical records/Cashier/Social worker

    F) Waiting area

    G) Isolation room

    H) Resuscitation area

    I) Emergency OR

    J) Examination area

    K) Procedure area

    L) The observation and treatment area

    M) Pharmacy

    N) Laboratory/ sample collection and testing facilities

    O) Portable imaging facilities and bay in tertiary hospital level

    P) Nurses and physicians station

    Q) Administration room

    R) Staff room /Meeting room

    S) Utility areas

    T) Supportive service (security, cleaning, porter)

    U) Disaster or mass causality equipment store