Filtered review information by the Audit Jobs

No Fiscal year 2009 and first trimester of 2010 2009 Budget Debt 2010 Seen gaps Updated revisions Investigation
1 Human resource development process -Do not have a job announcement requirement on the employee file
-Finding test results
- Validation without linking
-The Labor Code does not have the signature of the employer
-Linking Employee File and Notification of Grade Results
-Validation without linking
-Story of the Employer's Signature of Worker
-It helps to find information

-Filing quality and reliability

Follow up
2 Asset class -Bincard Not existent
Model number 19 and 22 on Range
-No stock card
-Model 22 item that does not make a copy
-Bincard to live
-Lower drops to models 19 and 22
No stock card
-The Model 22 cost-effective instrument does not provide a complete copy
-Helps to protect a valance
-Data quality

-Wrong facts
3 Audited Audit -19 Deductions at the time of payment of credit card service
-Akaki Kaliti Sub City with Birr 789846.19 at the time Without paying
-District units that are not currently contracted
-14 Payments by the Department of Deductions on credit card processing services at the time
-Delayed Decrease
-Non-contracting houses
-Preparing to share on time
-266502.91 Pay now
-Improved legality

Follow up
4 Daily Fundraiser -Delay to lend money to the principal inventor
-The amount of money written and in Digitally
-Breaking without invoicing
-1161 birr( One thousand one sixty one birr)
-No delay
-Partly separation
-Make a receipt before plumbing
-560 (five hundred sixty birr) Only hurt
-Reducing the loss of government resources
-Knowing about accountability
601 (six hundred one) Only difference can be made
5 Assistant Treasurer (box) -Do not register properly
-mh/3 It was fairly straightforward
- Cash registers with different categories registered in one register
-Income and expenditure improperly
-Keep up-to-date
-It is better to be rich
-Enclose each category
-Enroll in every activity
-Keep it up because it is better
6 Pharmacy (Pharmaceuticals) -No signature and date of credit and birth records
Make a receipt
-IFRR On rare occasions
-It's a bit better
-Take up the whole thing personally
-IFRR Signing

-Keep it up because it is better
-Keep it up because it is better

-Monitoring change
-By repeatedly monitoring

Our audit and follow-up work has been reinforced, so we have to do more to bring about a better change, as we have seen above, as we have seen in our response to the questionnaire.